Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Surrendering Before The Fight

By Miss Kubelik

What's more disgusting than a Republican state lawmaker in South Carolina beating his wife bloody while his children scream and beg for him to stop?

The fact that this past November, the jackass easily won re-election because he ran unopposed.

Yep, that exasperating little nugget was buried in an article reporting the wife-beater's resignation from office yesterday. How is it possible that we Democrats failed to put somebody up against this guy? Jaime Harrison, South Carolina DNC chair who wants to be head of the Democratic National Committee, we cats are looking at you.

But it's not just a question for Harrison. Every Democrat vying for the national committee chairmanship should be asked what his or her specific plan is to ensure that we have absolutely zero uncontested elections going forward. We are in total war, folks. This kind of thing simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Call us cats suckers for the Howard Dean 50-State Strategy — but heck, we are. You can't be a national party if you don't run nationally. Not only is it essential to build our party back incrementally, election by election, but you never know when lightning is going to strike.

So, sorry, Jaime — but if you couldn't find a credible candidate to run against a Confederate-flag loving spouse-and-kid abuser, you have no business sitting in the big DNC chair. We cats are sick of having to learn the same lessons over and over and over, and we HISS.

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