Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ours Was Bigger Than His. And That's No Lie.

By Miss Kubelik

Aside from the enormous crowds around the world today — and Chicago, you are our kind of town — what's astounded us cats the most is how the White House responded.

We expected the usual lame Republican homily about how wonderful it is when people exercise their right of free speech. Instead, Donald Drumpf and his press lackey (who really needs to get a suit jacket that fits) spent the day being mendacious and pissy.

And how did the press decide to handle their lunacy? We checked The New York Times for a quick answer. Hint: Looks like we're all going to be calling a spade a spade, folks. Their story uses words like "false," "falsely accusing" and "false statements." (On TV, the talking heads just flat-out said "lied.")

It already feels like the Saturday Night Massacre — and it's only their first day! We cats HISS.

UPDATE, January 24: The Grey Lady has used the "L" word! Check out this headline: "Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers." We cats can feel the earth move under our paws. And we PURR.

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