Monday, January 16, 2017

Monica Melts

By Miss Kubelik

Not too long ago, we cats predicted that the execrable incoming Administration would have a long list of people who would end up self-destructing thanks to some youthful indiscretion, awful business deal, white supremacy or other unappetizing naughtiness.

At the time, we were primarily thinking of people crashing and burning down the road, after they'd already been hired. But with this Trump crowd, it turns out that you can go down in flames well before you even get the White House lanyard draped around your neck. Chalk up another one today, in fact.

The perpetually scowling former McLaughlin shouter Monica Crowley has joined camera-breaking Jason Miller, who was the first to sputter less than a month ago — he for (ugh) sex, she for plagiarism.

Gosh! These guys are falling so fast, pretty soon they're going to equal the number of Congress members who are boycotting the inauguration. We cats PURR.

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