Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mr. Thirty-Six Percent

By Baxter

So — wow. It took the Previous Worst Person Who's Ever Lived five years to attain the depths of approval that the New Worst Person has reached in less than a week in office. And in George W. Bush's case, that was after the idiotic invasion of Iraq, the exposed lie of the WMD, and the horrors of the botched response to Hurricane Katrina.

All of those disasters helped drive the Smirking One's ratings into the ditch. Will Donald Trump brag that he equaled that accomplishment in just days? We wouldn't be surprised.

Ya know, any Democrat who is babbling about trying to "work with" this gang of Nazis and thugs in the White House should just give up and resign office right now. These people are, as our 2016 candidate once said, irredeemable. They are trying to enact off-the-charts policies that nobody gave them a mandate for. So only out-and-out resistance will stop them in their tracks.

We cats agree with these guys — and we don't need a 270-foot construction crane to say it. And, of course, we PURR.

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