Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Women's March Edition (With Alternative Facts* — And Some Real Ones)

By Baxter

We cats didn't attend the big Women's March on Washington yesterday — we would have gotten trampled underfoot by 750,000* people. But we sent plenty of surrogates. And today, we were able to read the coverage of the DC event and sister marches worldwide with great satisfaction. Here are a few of our thoughts.

Billions* of people were demonstrating in Washington, but there were no police incidents, no arrests — and despite the fact that it had its second-busiest ridership day ever, Metro ran okay. Pretty good for a subway system that's under considerable strain even without one-million-plus rides in 19 hours.

The object of the huge throngs' derision and contempt finally couldn't restrain himself. "Why didn't these people vote?" he tweeted this morning in typically pouty fashion. Um, dude, they did. Hillary beat you by three million, remember?

Speaking of which, that 2016 popular vote — coupled with yesterday's astonishing turnout, not only in countries across the globe but on six other planets* — makes us cats hopeful that the 2018 midterms might not be such a Democratic disaster after all.

Finally, we cats are undecided about the startling fact that the word "pussy" has suddenly entered the political lexicon. We do like it that trillions* of women sported pink knitted hats with cat ears and carried cat-themed signs. But gee: Is it a good thing that the New Worst Person Who's Ever Lived has ushered in a new age of verbal vulgarity? Well, if it makes people sit up and take notice that rights they thought were secure are about to vanish — then we cats approve. And we PURR.

*Hey, they make up stuff. Why can't we?

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