Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lack Of Intelligence

By Miss Kubelik

About that mocking tirade that Donald Trump tweeted last night regarding the US intelligence community and "so-called" Russian hacking:

Okay. Let's admit that in the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003, US intelligence failed. Either they failed because Dick Cheney put a gun to their heads and told them what their briefings on WMDs should say — or they failed because they made the WMD mistake themselves. Whatever.

By all accounts, though, both the Bush and the Obama Administrations performed root-cause analyses and other diagnostics to figure out how it all went wrong. Congress investigated (whatever that was worth). Reforms were promised. Reforms were allegedly implemented. And no similar intel failure has happened since.

In short: Problem gets investigated, and reforms happen. That's the way things are supposed to work.

But Donald Trump, in his simplistic, 140-character world, obviously believes that if you make one mistake, you're wrong forever. (An interesting philosophy for a man who's landed in bankruptcy about half-a-dozen times.)

By Trump's logic, we can never trust the US military. Why? Because the British captured Washington, DC in 1814. Because Robert E. Lee was able to invade Pennsylvania, or the Japanese surprise us at Pearl Harbor.

By Trump's logic, we'd never be able to trust the Ford Motor Company because they made the Edsel. And on and on.

What more proof do we need of this man's sick, myopic vision? Or that if a Democratic President-elect were to behave like this, she'd be impeached before even taking office? We cats HISS.

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