Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bienvenue, Barack

By Baxter

Overwhelmed by all the sewage that's washing over Washington these days? Just look to the north for a little relief.

Sanity reigned in Canada today as Barack Obama paid his first visit to Montreal and told an admiring crowd that the world's democracies must step up as the US sinks into irrelevance amid the chaos and treason of the Trump administration.

Okay, he didn't put it exactly that way. He never mentioned Trump's name. But we all got it.

Nobody in the US will notice — but before Obama stepped up to the lectern, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland pledged in the House of Commons that Canada would pursue a vigorous leadership in the world: on military matters, climate change and international trade.

In short, somebody's rushing in to fill the vacuum, folks. "America First" is rapidly turning into America Last, n'est-ce pas?

Oh, well — we know that irony is lost on Trump supporters. They probably won't wake up to all this until their healthcare goes away and they can't get treatment for their opioid addictions. Until then, we expect they'll rail at the leaders of America's allies and ridicule their masculinity (except for Angela Merkel's of course).

For us, we were pleased to hear that somewhere in Montreal tonight, Barack and Justin are grabbing dinner and talking. Just knowing that makes us feel a little better. We cats PURR.

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