Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fact: When The President Is An Idiot, Americans Lose Money.

By Zamboni

The Orange Clown in the White House promised on the campaign trail last year that he would make America so great, we would get sick of all the winning. He'd bring jobs back and put America first. And the people who voted for him must have believed that, with all that winning, he'd put money back in their pockets.

Well, if your business depends on tourism, we cats are just wondering: How's that Trump Presidency workin' for ya?

Example: We've moved to a resort town, a charming slice of Americana just two hours or so from the Canadian border. We're sure that in previous years, a whole passel of Canadians headed down here in the summer, to play the ponies, take in a spa treatment or two, and visit historic places. But how many of them will we see this year?

Not so many, we think. About one-fifth of our neighbors to the north say they've decided not to visit the United States because of Donald Trump. And since this poll was conducted prior to Trump's hideous behavior in the last couple of days, we expect the number of turned-off Canadians taking their loonies elsewhere to rise.

Meanwhile, the world is pretty much in universal admiration of Canadian leadership right now, and with the country celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, Canada should see a lot of tourist dollars coming its way.

Tired of all the winning yet? What winning? We cats HISS.

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