Friday, June 16, 2017

Where's The Winning?

By Miss Kubelik

We cats are happy to report that the Democratic team beat the Republican team at Congressional baseball last night, 11 to 2. A squish! (Now, don't tell us this is no time for partisan gloating about the score. If we wanted to get really partisan, we'd point out what great healthcare Steve Scalise has — unlike most of his constituents.)

And speaking of victories, we also saw this morning that US housing starts have taken a dive for the third month in a row. So we're wondering: Where's all that "winning" that Donald Trump promised?

Such as:
  • Why are we still seeing headlines about our losing war on opioids? We thought that one was going to be easy.
  • Where are all the new coal country jobs?
  • Shouldn't ISIS have been defeated by now?
  • Why is the Taliban back to winning in Afghanistan?
  • Yes, we know that the Senate is trying to rape Obamacare in secret. But whatever happened to "Repeal and Replace on Day One"? Day One is long gone.
  • Why does the world's smartest businessman — with the best brain — still have so many executive vacancies at every level of government? (P.S. Most do not require Senate confirmation.)
  • Where is Ivanka's comprehensive program to support working moms?
  • Why are foreign leaders laughing at us?
  • Why don't sports champions want to go to the White House and be with the greatest winner ever?
While we can't say we're "tired of all the winning," we are tired — of this dangerous, clueless, malevolent jackass and the mob that serves him. We cats HISS.

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