Friday, June 2, 2017

World To Trump: Drop Dead

By Baxter

Last night, government buildings and landmarks in countries across the globe — here's City Hall in Montreal — lit up in green, to show support for the Paris climate agreement and to tell Donald Trump to go fuck himself.

Sorry, we cats aren't usually profane on this blog — but that's the most succinct way we can think of to describe the world's reaction. Also, accurate. The blowback to yesterday's foolhardy, selfish, hateful and short-sighted announcement has been pretty impressive.

And well it should be, because — as our new political heartthrob Emmanuel Macron says — there's not only no plan B, there's no planet B. We're heartened that many in the US, too, have pledged to buck the jackasses in the White House and recommit themselves to Paris. And we're proud that our own Governor Mario Cuomo has teamed up with California's Jerry Brown and Washington State's Jay Inslee to form a US Climate Alliance. (Come on, other govs — and yes, we're looking at you, Terry McAuliffe — hop on board!)

This is all pretty good news, and we admit we're looking for some. We're discouraged that there's no Constitutional remedy that will fix the hideous pickle that, with help from Russia, America has gotten itself (and consequently, the world) into. Impeachment or the 25th Amendment would still leave us with Trump's co-conspirators in charge.

So the goals are to get Congress back next year, and the Presidency after that. With all the damage and the outrage these evil traitors are causing, 2018 and 2020 could be two elections that even Vladimir Putin can't fix. We cats HISS and PURR at the same time.

UPDATE: Vermont has joined the Climate Alliance — who's next?

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