Sunday, June 18, 2017

They've Burst Your Pretty Balloon And Taken The Moon Away


By Sniffles

Another bad day for Donald Trump on "the shows." Do we think that, squirreled away at Camp David as they were, Melania and Lurch oops, Barron grabbed the remote from Donald's tiny orange hands and stuffed it in a couch? Let's hope so, because absurdities piled upon absurdities.

We cats aren't sure that there's anything we can add to the Orwellian back-and-forth that Chris Wallace (Chris Wallace!) had with Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. It's probably beyond description, so just click here and watch for yourself instead.

(Sekulow — jeez, what a jackass.)

But nothing tops Baby Marco Rubio, who swore up and down today that it's really okay that the President of the United States doesn't believe in, and doesn't care about, a Russian attack on our country.

So, okay. No jetliners hit 110-story towers, and nobody died. But thanks to the mobster that Vladimir Putin has installed in the White House, Americans will suffer — and yes, some will die. Women who try to self-abort because safe and legal abortion procedures aren't available, for sure. Undocumented families who are broken apart. But also Trump voters who either overdose on heroin because opioid addiction treatment has been cut, or who lose their healthcare when their Medicaid gets gauged.

That's why we can't bring ourselves to read this profile of sad Trump supporters by The Washington Post. Voting for this dangerous narcissist is an unforgivable act. So we couldn't care less if they're feeling let down. We cats HISS.

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