Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trump: Not Queen For A Day

By Miss Kubelik

In case the GOP feels like it's riding high this morning, we cats would like to remind them that they're standing on shifting ground. Here's how we know.

Jon Ossoff did 20 points better against Karen Handel than the Democratic candidate did against Tom Price in 2016. By that logic, every Republican seat that was won by 20 points or less ought to be in play next year. (As our favorite pundit has pointed out: "Lots of Dem disappointment in SC and GA. Don't!! Just keep fighting. These results would win us 50 seats in 2018, and win the Senate...if our candidates close the gap as much as these two did.")

There are 71 Congressional districts that are bluer than Georgia's sixth.

Good Democratic candidates keep lining up to run in key GOP seats. The latest: Andy Kim, who is vying to challenge Tom MacArthur, a Republican who's been very busy trying to take healthcare coverage away from 24 million Americans.

More proof that we're not sitting on our butts: This new Democratic super PAC aims to kick seven California Republicans out of their jobs. Seven seats down means we'd just have 17 more to go.

Finally, Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament today. What has that got to do with us? She failed to mention the upcoming Trump state visit to the UK in her speech. The omission "suggest[s] that he is not expected in the next two years," say reports. But — they won last night's special elections! He wants to ride in the golden coach!

Question: Will Donald Trump even be President in two years? We leave that to those with better sources than we have. We cats PURR.

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