Friday, June 9, 2017

Person Of The Week

By Miss Kubelik

A few days ago, one of the born-on-third base Trumps — who has never had to rely on Medicaid or food banks, never had to worry about choosing between his medication and his rent, and who has never had his rights as a privileged white male questioned — weighed in on Democrats who oppose his father and every selfish, greedy thing the Republicans stand for.

"To me, they're not even people," Eric Trump whined.

Eric Trump, allow us to introduce you to Nancy Pelosi, Person.

By all accounts, the former House Speaker and current House Minority Leader is a ruthlessly strategic politician and master strategist. She ran her House caucus with steely discipline. And as far as we cats are concerned, she lands near the top of the list of Important People We Would Really Not Want To Be Mad At Us. (Brrr!)

Today, however, Pelosi was asked about the orange clown in the White House. And while she was tough on him, she also responded like — well, like a worried mom.

"He needs sleep," she said. "I think his family should be concerned of his health," she added.

You would never, ever hear one of the bomb throwers and opportunists across the aisle — not Ryan, not Gingrich, not McConnell, not DeLay, not any of them — express a concern that a Democratic President or party leader should get enough shuteye. Nope, they were (and are) too busy demonizing and dehumanizing.

So, which side has the real people, and which side does not? We cats know, and we HISS.

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