Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gillespie Wins GOP Nomination... Bless His Heart

By Zamboni

It's been a long time since we cats have said something like this, but after yesterday's gubernatorial primary in Virginia, we'd rather be Us than Them.

Riding a huge turnout, the Democratic nominee for Governor cruised to victory instead of having to squeak by. Meanwhile, to everyone's surprise on the Republican side, Chinless Ed Gillespie was forced to scrape out a heart-stopping one-point win from Prince William County's own Heinrich Himmler, Corey Stewart.

What's more, Stewart refused to endorse Gillespie. We love it when Republicans fight.

More bad news for Chinless Ed: The counties he won were Democratic strongholds — where he'll lose badly in November. (The GOP will argue he'll cut their losses there. We'll see.) Meanwhile, the counties he lost were rural and Trumpy. How many Stewart voters, upset with a swamp denizen like Gillespie and receiving no prodding from Stewart to support him, will simply stay home in the fall?

More possible fallout:
  • How much of a drag will this primary be on the Republicans running for Lieutenant Governor, state Attorney General and the state legislature?
  • How much more infighting will go on between the Trumpsters and the Virginia GOP establishment? And will more David Brats rise up to take on incumbent Republican members of Congress in 2018?
Finally, we hope this portends another bloody primary next year in the GOP primary for Senate against Tim Kaine. We cats PURR.

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