Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gallup-ing Toward Disaster

By Sniffles

We cats will have lots to say on the hideous developments of the day (reporters banned from interviewing Senators, Alex Jones getting TV time on Father's Day, Republicans gutting healthcare in secret). But first, this.

Gallup reports that 60 percent of Americans surveyed disapprove of Donald Trump's performance in office. Sixty percent!

Seeking to put that in context, we found some helpful tweeting from London School of Economics fellow Brian Klaas.

Days it took the last seven Presidents to hit a 60% disapproval rating:
  • Carter: Never
  • Reagan: Never
  • H.W. Bush: 1,288 (but just for a few days)
  • Clinton: Never
  • W. Bush: 1,756
  • Obama: Never
  • Trump: 144
You know what? This means that Trump hit 60 percent disapproval nine times faster than Bush Senior, and 12 times faster than the previous Worst Person Who's Ever Lived. Fun! We cats PURR.

P.S. Another fun fact: Gallup does three-day tracking polls. So if Trump was at 59 percent disapproval yesterday and 60 percent today, his numbers last night were 61 or even 62. And the trend line is only going in one direction right now. Tired of all the winning yet?

P.P.S. With 60 percent disapproving and 36 percent approving, only 4 percent of Americans are undecided on this raving narcissist. Has any President had such a low percentage of undecideds this early in his Administration?

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