Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nice Try, Paul

By Zamboni

No, Paul Ryan. No way.

The short-fingered sociopath in the White House did not treat James Comey the way he did because he's "new to this." Ordinary Americans who have been pressured, manipulated or otherwise had the rug pulled out from under them at work instantly recognized the kind of repugnant boss behavior that Comey described in Donald Trump during his Senate testimony today. But Ryan tried to excuse that behavior — lamely, we might add.

The more we see of Ryan, the more we loathe. He is not only a heartless and soulless pseudo-Catholic whom we think Pope Francis should excommunicate — he's an opportunist. And a coward. Time and time again over the last two years, he could have stood up to Trump, or tried to stop the GOP from caving in to Trump's hostile takeover. Time and time again, he's taken a pass.

Ryan's risk is that regular voters who have experienced that oh-my-God-my-boss-is-setting-me-up situation in their own lives will hear what Ryan said today and snort in derision. Did we say "risk"? Hey, we think we hear snorting right now. It almost drowns out the slobbering from John McCain's end of the dais. We cats HISS.

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