Friday, June 2, 2017

Note To Trump Voters: You Are Screwed

By Sniffles

Let's talk about stars.

As in, "shimmering, glowing stars in the Hollywood firmament." Or, just in the general firmament.

In the political firmament, we're talking people like French President Emmanuel Macron — who, after just three weeks in office, has positioned himself as the world's definitive anti-Trump.

(Angela Merkel must be jealous, no? But we'll wait for Tracey Ullman to weigh in on that before we say anything.)

Okay, so, let's take stock of where we stand.

Thanks to Trump — and the 80,000 or so losers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan who helped elect him — America is on the wane.

The world no longer looks to the United States for global leadership, economically, morally or environmentally. Which is a real negative for the USA and its economy, we might just mention. Countries that refuse to reject the future will be home to clean-energy industries and clean-energy thinkers and entrepreneurs — not the US.

Memo to Chamber of Commerce Republicans: We call your attention to that fact.

So that means that Democrats like Hillary Clinton are right. "A historic mistake," Hillary tweeted. "The world is moving forward together on climate change. Paris withdrawal leaves American workers and families behind."

We cats wonder: When will Trump voters recognize the obvious? That Trump's rejection of Paris will not protect or restore their jobs, and that, oh by the way, his budget will decimate their healthcare?

We have no idea, but we're hoping that some segment of the Trump vote can be convinced that they've been had. Until then, we cats HISS.

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