Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Here Comes The Sun (There Goes The GOP)

By Zamboni

These days, it helps to take an Obama-esque long view of the US political landscape. Specifically as in how the Republican Party is making itself obsolete.

Example: Kicking 23 million people off their healthcare coverage.

Example: Running candidates, like Karen Handel in Georgia's sixth Congressional district, who are extraordinarily anti-gay. (Young people won't stand for that nonsense.)

Big example: Destroying the planet by ignoring climate change and promoting dirty energy sources like coal.

That last one is big for obvious reasons: Millennials and other young voters will be around a lot longer than 71-year-old jackass Presidents will be, and will have cope with the consequences of rising seas, extreme heat waves, ever-more-powerful hurricanes and newly prevalent diseases. But it's not just those under-35 folks who are leading the way on climate consciousness.

Back before they were even born, in fact, our 39th President put solar panels on the roof of the White House. A few years later, Ronald and Nancy Reagan ripped the panels out.

How fitting, then, that The Carter Center just installed 324 solar panels on its roof — the first Presidential library to be powered by the sun.

Here's young Jason Carter speaking at the installation. Just a reminder, though, that the President who knew solar power was the way to go 38 years ago is alive and kicking at 91. We cats PURR.

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