Friday, June 23, 2017

Blue, White And Orange Plate Special

By Sniffles

We cats are on sensory overload, and it's not good.

Reading an endless Washington Post behind-the-scenes scoop of Russia's subversion of our democratic process, and the Republicans' complicity in it (yep, we mean you, Mitch McConnell) — juxtaposed against the GOP's heartless, soulless, evil attempt to kill poor people so the wealthy can get a tax cut — well, it's just too much for us today.

Usually, we'd turn to cute pictures of red pandas at a time like this. But instead, let's all appreciate this cool license plate from a Twitter friend in California.

Got personalized plates where you live? Do the same! We all know that Donald Trump hates being reminded how badly he lost the popular vote, so let's do it, state by state by state.

It might not help 23 million people keep their healthcare, but it's sure to drive Trump crazy. We cats PURR.

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