Monday, June 5, 2017

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Roll Up The Red Carpet Edition

By Miss Kubelik

So many different stories, yet they have one common thread: People misbehaving, and the consequences that ensue. Here are a few.

We cats heartily agree with Mayor Sadiq Khan of London that the UK should cancel the Donald Drumpf state visit. How welcome would a head of state be in the United States in 2001, if that leader had gone after Rudolph Giuliani? We think not very. On the other hand, the protests will be magnificent.

We heartily endorse freedom of expression and always will. But we also recognize that free speech is not the same as the free market. And when it comes to screw-ups like Kathy Griffin's and Bill Maher's, it's a question of what that market will bear. It's probably okay that most people don't have the stomach for Griffin's extraordinarily unfunny "decapitation" video. (Now, Kathy, please go away for awhile.) And it's definitely a good thing that we don't want to hear the n-word from a 61-year-old white man. (What we're wondering is, why did that Republican Senator from Nebraska just sit there?)

Meanwhile, we've noted with interest that Al Franken has canceled planned appearances with both Griffin and Maher. Yep, he must be running for something.

Finally, support for Trump's impeachment now surpasses his approval rating. And it's only Monday! We say that because we have a funny feeling that this week could end up being a significant turning point in this disaster of an Administration. Just remember what the Trumpsters want you to forget: The big story today is that the Russians were hacking US voting systems last year — not the person who allegedly leaked the news to the press. We cats HISS.

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