Thursday, June 29, 2017

Face Lifts, And Losing Face

By Sniffles

Do you think Mika Brzezinski looks like she's had a facelift? We don't, either. If she has, she falls into the OMG-The-Best-Work-Ever category, which is populated only by the likes of Jane Fonda and Anna Wintour. Let's put it this way: Donald Trump and his bad eyelift would never make the grade.

Which explains why he attacked Mika over her alleged plastic surgery: He's had it himself. That's his MO — to lash out at people for things of which he is personally guilty. There's a psychological term for that, and we can't come up with it at the moment. But one thing we know for sure: If Zbig were still alive, he'd beat Trump up for what he said.

Goodness gracious, this is all sadly silly.

Here we are, witnessing perhaps un-fixable damage that Trump and the Republicans are doing, both at home and abroad, and reacting gape-jawed at behavior typical of a 12-year-old whom we'd never trust with the nuclear codes. At the same time, we're pining for the last grownup who inhabited the Presidency, and mourning over what might have been. A brilliant, competent, non-tweeting adult in the Oval Office — what a concept.

However, we dare to think that maybe, perhaps, just possibly, the nutjob in the White House has finally crossed a line this time.

To tweet so stupidly, one day earlier than he should have — reactions would have been much more muted, or at least less noticed, had he done it tomorrow, on the eve of the holiday weekend, instead of today — and just when GOP leaders on Capitol Hill are grappling with delicate negotiations on the best way to kill 22 million Americans by taking away their health insurance... well, it's just beyond amateurish. It's way beneath all standards of behavior — not just for the highest elected official in the land, but for anyone, at any level, in any job, in the country, the world and the universe.

But, okay, let's sink to his level. Since Trump is so obsessed with women bleeding, we'd like to know if he allows Sarah Huckabee Sanders to hold White House briefings when she's menstruating. Or when it's that time of the month, does he make Sean Spicer do it? After today's news, it's a fair question. We cats HISS.

P.S.: Note to Senator Susan Collins: You are totally, completely and utterly off-base. This behavior was as wrong when Trump was a candidate as it is now. But you're right about it being embarrassing for our country. The question is, what is your stupid fucking party, which nominated this mentally ill person, going to do about it now? We cats HISS again.

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