Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Questions From Our Faithful Correspondent

Dear Democratic Cats,

This was the headline in The New York Times online this afternoon: HEALTH BILL DELAYED AMID GOP DISARRAY.

It's very confusing.

How can you have the greatest mind, the greatest deal maker, the greatest, most productive President in the history of the universe, one of the largest Republican majorities ever in the House, and a Senate caucus of 52 that consists of one New England moderate-conservative, three George Herbert Walker Bush traditional conservatives, approximately 40 far-right conservatives and eight whackjob conservatives — and have DISARRAY?

Eight years ago — in addition to their totally incompetent, not-born-in-America White House interloper (or, at least, that's what Donald Trump said he was) — the Democrats only had a House majority that included 50 to 60 moderate-to-conservative Blue Dogs and 20 to 30 radical lefties, and a Senate caucus that ran the gamut from Manchin to Franken — and they were still able to pass the Affordable Care Act, a historic piece of legislation.

What's the difference, aside from Republican hubris? Maybe it's the much-maligned, yearlong process of hearings and meetings and public negotiations that the Democrats went through — versus the backroom, white-smoke/black-smoke, secret-drafting cabal that the GOP has used?

A Fellow Democrat

Dear Fellow Democrat,
Sniffles, Baxter, Zamboni and Miss Kubelik

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