Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Take On The Change Maker

By Sniffles

It occurred to us during Bill Clinton's affectionate speech last night that during her eventful and productive life, there's one change that Hillary Clinton hasn't made: her husband.

We have to admit that she'd have had plenty reason to do it. (And yes, we all know what we're talking about, and we're not going to go into the gory details again, thank you very much.)

But here's the thing: In the reams of commentary about a marriage that — since we're outside of it — we can never completely understand, why don't we see more praise of the sheer durability of the Clinton partnership, and how it speaks to the strength of their characters?

After all, compared to Republicans like Donald Trump (three wives), Newt Gingrich (three wives), Ronald Reagan (two wives), Rush Limbaugh (four wives), Bob Barr (three wives) — and sure, some Democrats we could name, too — Hillary and Bill, through thick and thin, have stuck like glue to one another for more than 40 years.

People who hate them would give you all sorts of sinister reasons for this. We won't. Because when it comes to choosing between a darkly impulsive, thin-skinned, multi-married and immature Republican nominee and the steady, determined, indefatigable and loyal woman we heard described last night — well, we're with her.

Hillary and Bill haven't made it as far as Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter (70 years this month!). But they're working on it. We cats PURR.

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