Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It Was The Best Of Times. It Was The Best Of Times.

By Zamboni

One thing you can say about us Democrats, we know how to throw one hell of a party. It doesn't mean that fights aren't breaking out in the corner near the bar. But joy breaks out as well.

That's what we just saw in Philadelphia. What a night! Here are a few of our delighted observations.

Michelle Obama sure showed Frau Drumpf how to give a convention speech, didn't she? She was the headline of the night (and one damn hard act to follow — sorry, Elizabeth and Bernie). We cats also PURR and rub against the legs of Sarah Hurwitz — Hillary Clinton's former speechwriter, now working for Mrs. Obama — whose 2008 words Frau Drumpf stole.

Kinda sad for Cory Booker, though: His brilliant address, which absolutely destroyed everything that last week's Republican Convention was about, thrilled those of us who heard it live — but later, we're afraid, got lost in the A-lister shuffle. In a duller year, he'd have been the standout. But this is the kind of stuff that happens when you have an embarrassment of speaker riches.

We cats have long been fixed, but we think we want to have Al Franken's kittens. And we want to park ourselves in Sarah Silverman's lap and never leave. (Paul Simon, thank you for being late to the stage, giving Sarah the opportunity to deliver the quote du jour.)

As for all those folks demonstrating outside, we fear that no number of spot-on scoldings from Sarah will ever jar them out of their short-sighted zealotry. Thankfully, they represent only 10 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters. We cats PURR again.

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