Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Tries To Bring Sleeves Back, Fails

By Baxter

Who are the maddest people in the Republican Party today? You might think it's Donald Drumpf and Ms. Moose & Squirrel, his supermodel wife, since the world has erupted over Frau Drumpf's shameless convention-speech plagiarism. Note to the Drumpfs: If you're going to steal, do it from somebody on your side of political spectrum.

(There will probably be more updates on this speech kerfuffle, because from what we're hearing, it's starting to descend into Melania v. Manafort and Trump v. Trump. Yep, things are going so well — they've got Hillary right where they want her, not.)

But #NeverTrump Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh and Virginia's own Ken "Fetuses Deserve a Roll Call Vote" Cuccinelli must be even madder. After all, had the Moose & Squirrel plagiarism firestorm not erupted last night, they would be on all the Tuesday morning talk shows, expressing outrage over getting screwed by the RNC.

Still, we think that the most pissed-off Republican has got to be the ever-execrable Rudy Giuliani, who has ambitions to be Secretary of Homeland Security or Attorney General or some such thing. Melania's mendacity has pushed Rudy's dystopian, fire-and-brimstone speech clean off the front pages (and off our screens). But somewhere, Michelle Obama is smiling. We cats PURR.

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