Friday, July 15, 2016

And This Chyron On CNN WASN'T The Worst Thing That Happened To Donald Trump Today

By Baxter

Does Donald Trump even know who Tyyip Erdogan is? Aside from this attempted Turkish coup perhaps reminding Americans that it would be folly to put an absolute fool in the Oval Office for the second time in less than 20 years, this was not a great day for Team Trump.

First — oh, that logo. Please. We always knew Trump was a tightwad because his signage is so bad, but this really takes the cake.

Washout quarterback Tim Tebow has told the press that reports he's speaking at Drumpfmania 2016 in Cleveland next week are just rumors. Goodness gracious, how pathetic. Anyone who can't get a third-rate celebrity like Tebow to give him a solid yes/no on the most important Republican event of the year might not be the right guy to make Vladimir Putin bend to his every whim.

Ivanka's rabbi has decided not to speak, either. Why? His Orthodox congregants signed a petition asking that he pull out. Hm! We wonder if it had anything to do with that "sheriff's badge" incident from a couple weeks back.

Finally, we've seen reports that Trump tried to back out of his Mike Pence veep pick last night. Did he not get the positive feedback he thought he would? Or was he thinking that somebody should keep Chris Christie company in Humiliation Land? We cats PURR.

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