Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Republicans In Congress Can't Fund Zika — But Drumpf Raises Some Dough

By Miss Kubelik

In the midst of Senators dropping out of the Donald Drumpf veepstakes — so long, tiny little Bob Corker, and yes, au revoir, Joni Ernst — the political world is reporting that Drumpf actually managed to raise some money in June. Specifically, $51 mil.

That's a higher number than before — but since Drumpf has raised virtually nothing until now, this is like telling a beginner piano student that he's Rachmaninoff because he's managed to play the first few bars of "Heart and Soul."

In fact, the number would be respectable — if we were talking about a candidate who had come from behind to upset the favorite with a strong showing on June 7 (the last day of the GOP primaries), followed by the party quickly coalescing behind him. But, we're not. And as pundits have pointed out, Hillary handily outraised Drumpf, and Willard Mitt Romney in 2012 was doing better than this.

It also puts more pressure on Drumpf's July numbers. Since he never deigned to email blast his drunk-white-male, knuckle-dragging supporters until now, we don't know if the giving will be sustained. That's one of the problems with leaving grass-roots fundraising until now.

So, respectable — but not great. And not proof of anything, other than the fact that they finally started doing what they should have been doing 12 months ago. We cats PURR.

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