Monday, July 11, 2016

"Moms' Lives Matter More" — WHUT?

By Baxter

Wow, what is it with these UK right wingers crashing and burning so fast? Post-Brexit, we cats were bracing ourselves for (gasp, choke) Boris Johnson to move into No. 10 — but very quickly he, his erstwhile Tory ally Michael Gove and even anti-immigrant UKIP leader Nigel Farage (ugh) headed for the exits.

And then we were all expected to wait around while the Conservative Party decided between potential PMs Home Secretary Theresa May and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. This was supposed to take all summer. But — whoops!

Among other unsavory revelations, Leadsom made the fatal mistake of saying on Friday that she cared more about the future of the United Kingdom because she, um, had kids. Theresa May, um, does not. Leadsom's candidacy exploded faster than a baby with a cacky nappy.

Well, okay, the political situation's not that simple, and we cats realize that. But since we personally have never had kittens and have also been fixed, Leadsom's clumsy and stupid remark really ruffled our fur.

We are so, so sick and tired of people demonizing and labeling one another and painting other groups of people with too-broad a brush — whether it's failed New York politicians criticizing African-American parents, activists condemning all police, Presidential candidates disparaging Muslims and Latinos, or moms discussing non-moms. Just cut it out, everybody. We cats HISS.

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