Sunday, July 31, 2016

More Than A Cat Fight

By Zamboni

The combat that's escalating between two American Gold Star parents and the repulsive, spoiled, ignorant sociopath known as the Republican nominee for President is reaching new heights. We cats can just imagine how much the GOP establishment now wants to kill Donald Drumpf — unless they kill themselves first.

It all makes us flash back on The Worst Person Who's Ever Lived — the appointed-by-the-Supreme-Court President who sent Captain Humayan Khan to Iraq in the first place.

Ya know what? Even if you ascribe the most positive, the most charitable, and the most benign motivations to the Worst Person's efforts to embrace Muslim Americans after 9/11, the impact that George W. Bush was able to have in promoting tolerance in the months after the World Trade Towers fell pale in comparison to what Khizr Khan has been able to accomplish in less than a week.

The irony is striking. And when you remember that the Khans originally hail from a country whose president George W. Bush could not name back in the 2000 campaign... well, that's why we call Bush the Worst Person Who's Ever Lived.

And why is he being silent? We cats HISS.

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