Saturday, July 9, 2016

What A Mitch.

By Zamboni

We cats have nine lives and long memories. So we're sure that, had any Republican Senators skipped out of a Capitol Hill meeting with certain nominee George W. Bush in 1999-2000, they would have received a blistering phone call from their biggest donors the very next day.

Compare and contrast that scenario with the remarkable thing that happened this week: Donald Drumpf came to Congress, and at least a dozen GOP Senators were no-shows. Not only that, but Trump lambasted attendees during a closed-door meeting.

Okay, we know this is very inside-the-Beltway stuff. But let us just say, it is also extremely rare. How is it possible that Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, didn't stand up and say, I'm sorry — I know, Donald Drumpf, that you're the presumptive Presidential nominee — but you can't talk to my members like this?

Five possible explanations:

1. Mitch McConnell has already written off the Presidential race and has mentally checked out — trying to salvage as many GOP seats as he can — and is not interested in picking fights with the idiot who he's sure is going to lose in November.

2. Mitch doesn't really care about the Republican Senators Trump attacked: Mark Kirk, Jeff Flake and John McCain. If true, this says a lot, and is very sad.

3. Mitch is a coward.

4. Mitch decided he couldn't attend the meeting unless he was drunk on Kentucky bourbon, and therefore was too incapacitated to defend his caucus.

5. Mitch McConnell has been totally bought off by Donald Drumpf and, with millions in his pockets, is sitting quietly by. We cats suggest that observers consider this possibility very seriously. And we HISS.

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