Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican-On-Republican Violence

By Sniffles

Yep, we cats are proud to say that that's our right-wing, woman-hating, Jesus-freaky would-be Virginia governor, Ken Cuccinelli, in this photo, screaming bloody murder at the Republican National Convention today.

Cootchy's on the case! It's enough to make all Cruz fans proud. But except for walking out during the nominating roll call, it looks like the anti-Trump forces are out of options.

That's because even though #NeverTrump had signatures from more than enough delegations to force a roll call vote on their rules change, the temporary convention chair Steve Womack from Arkansas (please note Paul Ryan's absence) shoved through not one, but two voice votes only — and called the Trump supporters the victors. Nothing to see, move along here.

And then things blew up. The Colorado delegation walked out. The Iowa delegation walked out. And the convention spun out of control while remaining delegates fulminated and shouted and fumed.

But that wasn't all, folks. Plenty of verbal fisticuffs were going on even outside of this kerfuffle on the floor. Here are just some of the insults that have flown today.

"This was pretty shocking and shameful. This is not a meeting of the Republican National Committee. This is a meeting of brownshirts. People who act like fascists." (Former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey)

"@JohnKasich is a jerk-off stoner who will never be President." (Roger Stone)

"John Kasich is embarrassing his party in Ohio...John Weaver thinks that John Kasich will have a better chance to be President by not supporting Donald Trump." (Paul Manafort)

"Manafort’s problem, after all those years on the lam with thugs and autocrats, is that he can’t recognize principle and integrity." (John Weaver)

But our favorite, our absolute favorite, was the vanquished Cruz delegate Kendal Unruh from Colorado, whining that the #NeverTrump folks just wanted their votes to be counted, their voices to be heard.

Just like all those voters in Florida in 2000, right, Kendal? We cats are sure that Unruh's never given a moment's thought to the irony, and we HISS.

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