Monday, July 18, 2016

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Drumpfmania 2016, Day One Edition

By Miss Kubelik

Oh, goodness gracious, it's here. A passel of unhappy Republican elites are rubbing elbows with teabaggers and Trumpies this very moment! Our furry little heads are spinning in anticipation, but we already have some preliminary observations. Here they are.

It appears that in light of yesterday's events in Baton Rouge, the Drumpfmaniacs plan on doubling down on their inner Richard Nixon. We hate to tell them, but "Make America Safe Again" is ridiculous. You cannot, repeat, cannot make a country that's awash in 300 million guns "safe."

On the other hand, how ironic it would be if the right's fear of young black men wielding firearms would finally get the nation some kind of sensible gun control.

For example: It appears that the gunman in Baton Rouge wasn't just angry about African-Americans dying in police custody — he was a sovereign citizen. Hmmm, that makes things complicated. In fact, it sounds positively Cliven Bundy-esque. We wonder what the Republicans in Cleveland have to say about that.

And here's a question: If today's theme is "law and order," why is Melania Trump still speaking? What does Ms. Moose-and-Squirrel know about criminal justice? We had no idea supermodels were experts on such matters.

Meanwhile, we note with great satisfaction that Michael Folk, that West Virginia Republican who called for Hillary Clinton's execution, has been suspended from his real job, flying for United Airlines. It's gratifying to know that United said they were "appalled" and not just "concerned" or "investigating." A threat is a threat, you know? Oh, and clearly this guy Folk is a home-schooler who never learned proper English. People are hanged, clothing is hung.

Finally, lest you think we've gone off-topic, here's a suggestion to our cable journalists covering today's GOP civil war: How about every time a speaker or a delegate's language goes over the top (and you know it will), the anchors dub it "going full Folk"? We cats PURR.

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The Cranky Copywriter said...

Wonderful post. Not having your grasp of politics, it is always edifying to read your take on the Republican madness.