Tuesday, July 12, 2016

While Bernie Bites The Bullet, Jeb Is Sad. Will The Press Notice?

By Zamboni

Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton today. And we cats can just hear the bleatings of Pundit World now.

Will Bernie have been effusive enough? Will he have said all the right things, in every possible way? Will he leave any outs that his most ardent supporters can latch onto and thus stubbornly refuse to join the Clinton train? Oh, that Bernie — isn't he cranky, competitive and endearing?

Meanwhile, none of them — and we mean none — will compare the Sanders endorsement to the very, very, very pointed non-endorsements that the Republican field has given to Donald Drumpf.

Jeb! Bush did it just last night, for heaven's sake. In an interview with the previously Palin-persecuted, now MSNBC talking head Nicolle Wallace, Bush said "I'll be worried" if the Republican ticket wins in the fall.

But it's not just Bush. Unlike Sanders on the Democratic side, you could say — and the media today could point out — that former 2016 contenders John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Lady Lindsey Graham have all refused to come to Jesus on their nominee.

You could also say — and the media could point out — that former Republican nominees Willard Mitt Romney and John McCain have either publicly slammed Trump or given a tortured, tepid endorsement. And you could also say — and the media could point out — that former Republican Presidents have wrung their hands and expressed their concern. How many former Democratic Presidents have refused to support Hillary Clinton? Hm.

Naturally, the pundits will not say any of this when they provide "fair and balanced" coverage of today's event and sift through the embers of the Sanders campaign. But they should. We cats HISS.

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