Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nothing To Smile About

By Sniffles

You know, there was a time — just a couple of months ago, in fact — when Donald Drumpf effectively sewed up the GOP nomination for President and Republican elites tried to make the best of it. "We can work with him," they mumbled.

But after the food fight that Drumpf had with GOP Senators today, that line of thinking must be one dead idea.

The guy practically threatened Jeff Flake, you know? "Support me or lose your Senate race this year." (Flake pointed out that he was not up for re-election until 2018.) And Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse walked out of the meeting. Gosh! What an amazingly persuasive person Donald Drumpf is! He's succeeded in making us think positive things about Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse!

At the same time, Drumpf has kept up his temper tantrum about his anti-Semitic Hillary Clinton retweet — looking sillier by the minute as he babbles on about Walt Disney and Queen Elsa and where was the outrage about that. (If we were his campaign team, we'd tell him to stop wishing on that particular star.)

Oh, and he cut a deal with Rafael Cruz, Jr. to address the Republican convention. We can only hope that Rafael will pull a Pat Buchanan 1992. Fun!

So here's the bottom line: In a week that saw Pundit World screaming like banshees about Hillary Clinton's emails, Drumpf has once again taken his eye off the ball, indulged his own petty grievances, and wasted more and more valuable time. Sounds good to us. We cats PURR.

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