Thursday, July 21, 2016


By Baxter

Wow. We don't know what's going to happen tonight, but looking back over our wish list for Republican catastrophes this week, we cats are pretty astounded at how many of them have come true or near-true.

More on that later. (We still have Day Four to get through.) In the meantime, we're thinking a lot about beer.

It's not just because it's baseball season and 98 in the shade. We're remembering that vile adage from 2000 about how voters said they could support the Worst Person Who's Ever Lived for President because they could imagine themselves having a brewski with him. (Except that he was an alcoholic who said he found Christ and was on the wagon.) Ugh, we thought at the time — revolting.

Watching RNC 2016, though, we're thinking that now, we would love having a beer with the Worst Person — first because we think he's drinking again, and second because goodness gracious... if our choice is him or the people we've seen on our TV and computer screens this week, fuhgeddaaboudit.

How hideous this crowd in Cleveland is. They are racist and threatening, vitriolic to the point of attracting Secret Service attention, and — oh, by the way — really, really ugly. They are vulgar. And they are incredibly, overwhelmingly, astoundingly white.

Not our scene, thank you. Their off-the-charts behavior, which has not only slandered one of the most accomplished public servants of our lifetimes but also targeted one of their own, holds no charms for us.

So, who has George W. Bush's phone number? Maybe we should call him, grab a six-pack, and pick his sorry brain about how his Republican Party has come to such an end. We're game — as long as he doesn't insist that Dick Cheney comes along. We cats HISS.

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