Saturday, July 30, 2016

What Little Donnie Will Do

By Baxter

We cats have long had a theory that Donald Drumpf will never make it to the debate stage this fall. Because he knows that Hillary Clinton will clean his clock.

Really! Not only does Drumpf have no knowledge of national and world affairs, no idea what's in the Constitution (see "Khan, Khizr") and no understanding of government and policymaking, he also rarely directly answers a question — Maureen Dowd's latest column being the most recent example.

And he'll be facing one of the most intelligent, experienced and prepared candidates ever to run for the nation's highest office. Perhaps the most (see "Not me, not Bill," under "Obama, Barack").

So — yeah, we think Trump is scared. He may accuse Michael Bloomberg of lacking guts, but in psychology, that's called projection. (And wow, the Democratic National Convention really seems to have needled him. Have you noticed how, ever since it ended, he's been proving everything we said about him to be right?)

Debates this fall? We're thinking not. Trump will try to weasel out of them, by saying that he doesn't like the moderator, or the format, or the set, or the locations — or the schedule. That's right, folks: It's already happening. We cats promise to keep an eye on this. In the meantime, we HISS.

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