Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things To Come?

By Baxter

Could Democrats have asked for a better headline than "Did Donald Trump Commit Treason"?

Well — yeah, actually. Although that one's pretty good. Here are a few more that might be even better.

"FBI Finds Direct Email Link to Putin Spies, Trump"

"Mike Pence's Jerry Sandusky 'Problem'"

"Melania Trump's Citizenship Papers Found To Be Fake"

"Pence College Roommate: 'There's A Reason He's So Anti-Gay'"

"Boarding-School Rape Allegations Against Donald Trump, Jr. Revealed"

"Trump-Maples Sex Tape Linked To Putin Spy Agency"

"Pence Rebukes Trump On Russia, Trump Says He's Fired"

"Records Reveal Ivanka Trump Was Born A Boy"

And you know what? We almost guarantee that we will see at least one of these headlines between now and November. Maybe one of them as early as this week! We cats PURR.

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