Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making It Matter

By Miss Kubelik

For a little while now, we cats have been working on a theory of Quiet Outrage. We think it's going to make a difference in November. Let us explain.

We're seeing lots of polls that appear to have Hillary Clinton and Donald Drumpf close or near to tied. Our questions always are: National, or state polls? (We don't care about national polls.) If they're state polls, which states? Who are the pollsters? Whom are they talking to, and how? What are the trends? All of these factors make a difference.

At the same time, however, in our own little battleground state, we cats are anecdotally encountering folks who are seething at the ignorance, hatefulness and scorn of Donald Drumpf. They're insulted, we think, and they don't plan to take it lying down.

A newly naturalized citizen from Guatemala, whom we know, is working hard to register her fellow Hispanic citizens in Northern Virginia to vote. An African-American single mother, who is in no way a political animal, volunteered to us her disdain for Drumpf, and her total commitment to voting against him in the fall. These are just two incidents, but we expect there will be more. People are offended, and Donald Drumpf will reap the consequences.

These Latin American and black women are not the kind of people in whose opinions pollsters and Pundit World put a great deal of stock. But we cats say, get ready: They'll be at the polls on Election Day, and their black and Latina lives will matter. And it will make us PURR.

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